One-to-one creative catch-ups

Think of me as a creative counsellor, tutor, advisor, sounding board and goal setter. I offer 45 minute one-to-one creative catch-ups where everything we discuss is confidential and focused on you and your practice. Sessions can take place in person or over Skype and you decide what we talk about, which could include: 

  • Developing your ideas
  • Planning a new body of work
  • Preparing for exhibitions
  • Submitting proposals and applying for funding
  • Writing your artist statement
  • Getting your work out there
  • Managing your workload and meeting deadlines
  • Finding or rediscovering your creative voice

Is this right for you?

If you are a visual artist with a degree, or you have a few years' practice under your belt, then you will find sessions helpful. If you are a total novice, I would instead recommend enrolling on a course, visiting exhibitions and surrounding yourself with as many likeminded creative types as possible.

What next?

By now you're probably thinking, but how much does it cost? The short answer is there is no set cost. It all depends on your current situation. Please drop me a line so we can discuss your needs and see if I can help.